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Quinta de San Michel

The project

Quinta de San Michel is located in the village of Janas, Sintra, with a privileged view of the entire Serra de Sintra. Located in the historic wine-growing region of Colares, between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean and offering unique climatic conditions, it was the starting point for a family project, characterized by the limited production of exclusive wines that express the terroir of the estate and contribute to the economic and agricultural development of the region.

The vineyard was planted in 2013 in an area of two hectares with three indigenous grape varieties, Arinto and Malvasia de Colares (the latter being one of the few grape varieties in the world to have survived Phyloxera), as well as Galego Dourado (2020), which is widely used for Carcavelos’ historic wines.

In 2023 we decided to expand our production by planting 5 hectares of vines, of which 2.5 hectares will be dedicated to the main grape varieties of the Colares region – Malvasia de Colares and Ramisco, planted in typical sandy soils.

Mission & Commitment

We focus on having a positive impact on the region’s economy, and our actions are driven by innovation, change, irreverence and the quality of what we do and produce.

Quinta de San Michel is thus distinguished by the production of unique and genuine wines, in their aromas, flavors and production, respecting the traditional techniques, methods and historical processes and identities of the region, combining them with the latest technology, and where scientific and environmental prevention of the vineyard is added to the fight against pests.

The wines are only released following a gradual process of ageing in the bottle, which means that all our wines spend at least another two years in the cellar, in addition to one year in the bottle. Only in this way does the wine acquire the sensory and qualitative characteristics to be available on the market, whose wine-loving consumers are becoming increasingly enlightened.

In 2017, one of the wines launched, unique in the region, was the Malvarinto blend, the result of the Arinto and Malvasia blend, which we believe is one of Quinta de San Michel’s hallmarks. We believe that the wine stands out for its uniqueness and the harmony between these two fantastic grape varieties.


Joaquim Camillo


Passionate about the region, he bought the property in 2003.

With a background in economics, and a strong entrepreneurial sense, combined with the privileged wine-growing region of Colares (where the production of its wines dates back to the 3rd century, and there are indications that King Afonso III was its initial promoter), he began planting vineyards in 2013.

With the mission of recovering and recreating traditional grape varieties, its plantations include Arinto, Malvasia, Galego Dourado, Molar, Castelão and what is historically thought to have been the first – the Ramisco grape.

Alexandre Guedes


Passionate about wine and more recently about the Colares region.

Graduated in Agronomic Engineering, in the Viticulture and Oenology Branch, since 2013, he has had professional experiences in various corners of the world from Australia, Italy, New Zealand and the United States before returning to settle his roots in Portugal. Most recently, he completed Level 4 of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust course.
He has been part of the project since 2018, which he has decided to embrace as his life’s project. He seriously believes that the Colares region and Quinta de San Michel have unparalleled capacities to produce incomparable wines.

Marta Esteves

Assistant Winemaker & Sales

She began his academic career with a degree in Environmental Engineering at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA). However, she changed course by following in his grandfather Pedro’s footsteps with a taste for the art of viticulture. She began his Master’s Degree in Viticulture and Oenology Engineering at the ISA. With roots in Serra da Estrela and Alenquer, she believes that in the field of oenology there are no limits to dreaming and that each region has its own special secret.
Still with a long way to go, she has been at Quinta de San Michel since 2021. In February 2023 she realized one of his greatest dreams when she began his experience in the new world of wine in New Zealand. She returned to Portugal with the desire to learn more and put into practice everything she had learned there.
She believes in the great potential of Quinta de San Michel and in the growth of the Colares region.

Mr. Pinto

Agricultural worker

He has been part of the team practically since the beginning of the project. He knows every corner of the house and likes to call the vineyard “you”. He’s someone with vast experience in agriculture and a lot of knowledge. He perfectly complements our younger team, bringing his empirical and traditional side.

Rafael Bento

Agricultural worker

He has been with the team since 2023. An agricultural production technician, he graduated from the Paiã Professional Agricultural School. A young man, very committed and eager to learn. He has a special fondness for tractors and agricultural machinery, showing an interest in new technologies and always with a spirit of innovation.

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